Fannie Mae To

Fannie Mae To Increase LTV Ratios

Fannie Mae To Increase LTVs In November. Are They Driving The Housing Market Off The Cliff Again? Fannie Mae on Thursday announced that its Desktop Underwriting system. The new GSA guidelines include new changes to the maximum allowable LTV ratios for two- to four-unit and principal residences. The changes also apply to purchase and limited […]

Desperate Fannie And Freddie

Desperate Fannie And Freddie Accepting On-Time Rent As Credit

Desperate Fannie And Freddie Are Accepting On-Time Rent As Credit In New Underwriting Guidelines Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are expecting to see a drop in revenue with the pending recession. As a result, a desperate Fannie and Freddie are resorting to a new tactic to get people qualified for mortgages. The GSEs are using […]

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