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Don’t Put Fake Liens On Your Home To Stop A Foreclosure

Florida Man Put Fake Liens On His Foreclosed Home. He Now Faces 30 Years In Prison. People burn up my phone asking about the strategies they read on the internet to thwart a foreclosure. One strategy involves putting fake liens on the property. Homeowners think they can force the lender to negotiate a hefty cash for […]

Another Example of Why You shouldn’t Be A Do-It-Yourself Foreclosure Lawyer

Couple accused of harassing Hennepin County officials with $114 billion in bogus liens Emily Gurnon, Pioneer Press A Brooklyn Park man and his wife were charged Wednesday with filing of a slew of bogus and harassing liens worth more than $100 billion against public officials, including Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek and Hennepin County Attorney […]

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