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Get Rich Quick Seminars Endorsed By HGTV Stars Halted By The FTC

The FTC Shuts Down Real Estate Get Rich Quick Seminars Endorsed By HGTV’s Biggest Stars A court has agreed to put a temporary stop to a pricey real estate get rich quick real estate seminars fronted by HGTV stars. The Federal Trade Commission alleges instructors making promises to make attendees rich were misleading” and bogus. […]

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Are HGTV Reality Shows Fake? You Betcha! Fake As A $3 Bill

HGTV Reality Shows Are As Fake As A $3 Bill Let’s face it, most people are idiots. They believe what they see on TV. Case in point, I used to get calls from people all the time who thought because they watched four episodes of the Apprentice, they can make millions of dollars in real […]

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