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FACEBOOK ALERT! Major Real Estate Broker Severs Ties With Facebook

FACEBOOK ALERT! Major California Real Estate Broker Severs Ties With Facebook Over Zuckerberg’s Refusal To Reign In Racism  It appears this won’t be the last Facebook Alert I post. It seems as if more companies and individuals are walking away from marketing on Facebook. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is […]

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Facebook Marketing: 5 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Sucks!

Five Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Sucks And Why You Should Quit Wasting Time And Money On It Let’s face it. Facebook marketing is a waste of time and money. Facebook has become a Frankenstein’s monster. So, is it time to commit Facebook Harakiri? Facebook Harakiri is when you kill your Facebook account and end your […]

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Facebook Housing Discrimination Now Being Investigated By NYDFS

Andrew Cuomo Orders NYDFS To Investigate Facebook Housing Discrimination Claims Last year, HUD launched an investigation into complaints of Facebook housing discrimination. Now it’s New York State’s turn. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the NYDFS will be investigating Facebook housing discrimination claims. The NYDFS wants to know if the site allowed housing providers to discriminate […]

Facebook Investigation

HUD Launches Another Facebook Investigation Over Housing Ads

HUD Launches Another Facebook Investigation After Receiving More Complaints About Discriminatory Housing Ads HUD announced they are launching another Facebook investigation about real estate ads. The agency launched a Facebook investigation last year but halted it earlier this year. However, new information has come to light. HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s office issued the following statement: Secretary […]

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BofA Banker Fired After Racist Facebook Rant

BofA Fires Christine Mcmullen Lindgren After She Made Racist Rants On Facebook Christine Lindgren learned that posting profanity-laden racist tirades is a bad idea. She also learned posting racist rants can get you fired from a promising career at Bank of America. Screenshots from Tuesday, show the 57-year-old BofA Banker posting on Facebook: I hate […]

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