Former NY Gov & Call Girl Enthusiast Eliot Spitzer Re-Enters Politics

Plans To Run For NYC Comptroller Huffington Post Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer plans a run for the New York City comptroller’s office, according to an interview released Sunday night by The New York Times. Spitzer resigned from the governorship in 2008 amidst a high-profile prostitution scandal. He later went on to co-host the CNN show “In The […]

Former NY Gov Spitzer Says Regulators, Not Regulatory Laws, Failed to Stop Financial Crisis

Zoe Tillman, Legal Times Congress’ effort to reform the financial regulatory system after the economy collapsed in 2008 was based on a false premise – that regulatory laws weren’t strong enough already, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer said in a speech yesterday. Regulators had power, he said, but “they just failed.” Regulators learned a […]

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