DACA Dreamers

DACA Dreamers Denied FHA Mortgages Contrary To HUD Statements

HUD Denies Lender Claims They Are Denying FHA Loans To DACA Dreamers  FHA and HUD are denying claims they are denying government-insured loans to DACA Dreamers. HUD told HousingWire earlier this week that their policies have not changed in regard to mortgages to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients. Yet, multiple lenders and mortgage industry participants […]


Irish-Americans Banned From Pub On Saint Patrick’s Day

Detroit Businessman Bans Irish-Americans From Pub On Saint Patrick’s Day To Prove a Point  A Detroit bar banned Irish-Americans from his pub on Saint Patrick’s Day. Dan Margulis’s pub sat along the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade route in Detroit. He also posted signs in the window calling Irish people “lazy” and “lower class citizens” in […]

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