Goldman Sachs’ Lobbyist Hires Former Nude Centerfold Turned U.S. Senator

Former Nude Centerfold & Half-Term Wonder Scott Brown Hired By Nixon Peabody LLP   Yes, it’s true.  Scott Brown, the man Forbes magazine called Wall Street’s favorite congressman has new job as legal counsel for international law firm and high power lobbyist Nixon Peabody. In the three years, Scott Brown was in the U.S. Senate, […]

Romney says banking reform hurting housing market in Florida

Adam C. Smith, Tampa Bay times More than four in 10 Florida homeowners are underwater on their mortgages. President Barack Obamahas not done much to help them, and it doesn’t sound like Mitt Romney has any serious plan in store either. His main idea? Repeal Wall Street reform. “Bankers have been very slow in renegotiating the mortgages, helping […]

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