mortgage servicing fraud

Mortgage Servicing Fraud: Lender Document Experts

Mortgage Servicing Fraud: Lender Document Experts Are Clueless About The Loans They Are Testifying About Judges in Florida are beginning to take a hard look at mortgage servicing fraud. Judges have the time to spend on a case now that foreclosures have subsided in Florida. This became evident in a case playing out in Miami […]

Ditech Financial Attorneys Facing Criminal Arraignment

Florida Foreclosure Mill Attorneys Facing Criminal Charges For Not Turning Over Ditech Training Manual Two attorneys for Ditech Financial and a company representative face criminal charges in Miami. A judge found them in contempt for failing to turn over evidence in a civil foreclosure case. The attorneys for Ditech Financial failed to comply with a […]


Ditech Parent Walter Investment Could Be Kicked Off NYSE

NYSE Threatens To Boot Ditech Owner Walter Investment From Exchange The parent company of Ditech Financial received notice from the New York Stock Exchange they were considered to be noncompliant with rule 802.01B of the NYSE Listed Company Manual. Walter Investment’s shares closed at an average price of less than $1 for a consecutive 30 trading-day period. Walter […]

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