Ditech Bankruptcy Deal

Ditech Bankruptcy Deal Assures Ditech’s Sale

Ditech Bankruptcy Deal Assures Sale To New Residential Investment & Mortgage Assets Management The new Ditech bankruptcy deal clears the way for the $1.8 billion sales of its businesses. Ditech has agreed to preserve some homeowner claims like the right to fix mistakes on their loans. The Ditech bankruptcy deal ends a dispute over the […]

ditech bankruptcy liquidation

Ditech Bankruptcy Liquidation Plan In Jeopardy

Ditech Bankruptcy Liquidation Plan In Trouble As New York AG Investigates Shady RMS Servicing Practices The New York Attorney General has filed a brief in the Ditech bankruptcy case. AG Letitia James objected to the Ditech bankruptcy liquidation plan. She argues that the plan will strip homeowners of their rights. James also argues that Ditech […]

reverse mortgage solutions

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Sale Could Leave Seniors Abandoned

Bank of America Warns Ditech’s Sale of Reverse Mortgage Solutions Could Leave Seniors Abandoned Ditech Holdings announced last month that it had entered into an agreement to sell Reverse Mortgage Solutions. Ditech is selling the reverse mortgage unit as part of its bankruptcy restructuring. However, Bank of America is objecting to the sale. Bank of […]

Ditech customers

Ditech Customers Win Major Victory In Ditech Bankruptcy

Ditech Customers Win Protections in Ditech bankruptcy As Ditech Promises To Fight Back Ditech customers won a major victory in the long and winding saga of Ditech’s bankruptcy. The bankruptcy Trustee granted a request to create a committee to protect consumer interests in the proceedings. The Trustee’s decision riled Ditech’s attorneys. As a result, they […]

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Fraud

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Fraud Victims Sue Ditech

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Fraud Victims Want Protections In Ditech Bankruptcy Victims of a Reverse Mortgage Solutions fraud scheme want their money and they want their voices heard. They are concerned that the bankruptcy of RMS’s parent company Ditech will nullify their settlement agreement. The case involved 125 African American families and about six different HECM […]

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