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ACLU And NAACP Accuse City Of Detroit Of Ripping Off Homeowners

ACLU And NAACP Accuse The City Of Detroit Overcharging Homeowners On Tax Bills  The ACLU and the NAACP have filed a joint lawsuit against the Wayne County Treasurer and the City of Detroit. Both the ACLU and the NAACP allege that thousands of pending evictions are the result of illegal tax foreclosures. The ACLU and […]

Being A Detroit Badass When It Meant Something

Whatever Happened To The Detroit Badass? The World Doesn’t See The Detroit Badass Anymore. They See A Dysfunctional Society On A Grand Scale With Lazy Political Elites. I had the experience of being able to travel throughout Southeast Asia after finishing university back in late 1990. Cute Asian girls would approach me in places throughout […]

Detroit Firefighters

While Detroit Firefighters Battle An Arson Epidemic In A City Of Ruins…

Detroit Firefighters Forced To Fight Fires Antiquated Equipment While The City Spends $45 Million On Sidewalks Ramps To Nowhere The skyline of Detroit is silhouetted at night from the arson fires that plague the city. Brave Detroit firefighters battle fires around the clock with inadequate trucks and unsafe ladders. Detroit firefighters fight fires with holes in […]

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