suburban detroit mortgage broker

Suburban Detroit Mortgage Broker Accused Of Defrauding The IRS

Suburban Detroit Mortgage Broker Todd Marra Accused Of Defrauding The IRS. IRS Alleges He Illegally Diverted $1.6 Million In Income. A federal grand jury indicted suburban Detroit mortgage broker Todd A. Marra with conspiring to defraud the United States. They also charged him with filing false income tax returns. According to the indictment states Marra […]

Detroit Fraudster Gregg Blaney

Is Detroit Fraudster Gregg Blaney Ripping You Off?

Did Convicted Felon And Detroit Fraudster Gregg Blaney Rip You Off? We May Be Able To Help! Call 888.737.6344 Today! It looks like convicted Detroit fraudster Gregg Blaney is back to his old tricks. Several Detroit Detroit homeowners saw our article about Blaney from June 2019. As a result, they called MFI-Miami saying Blaney has […]

Convicted Fraudster Gregg Blaney Is Back Cruising For Real Estate Tricks

Convicted Fraudster Gregg Blaney Is Back Cruising For Tricks In Detroit’s Real Estate Underworld Convicted fraudster Gregg Blaney thinks he’s being sneaky. He thinks he can weasel his way back into real estate and mortgage lending. He believes he can do it under the radar of federal and state agencies. Unfortunately for him, MFI-Miami found […]

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