sex trafficker

Sex Trafficking Operation Busted By Feds In Detroit

Federal Agents Bust Alleged Drug And Sex Trafficking Operation on Detroit’s East Side Federal agents have busted up a huge drug and sex trafficking operation in Detroit. In the process, they have arrested pimp and drug dealer Quiyemabi Summerlin. Summerlin is a convicted sex offender. The convicted sex offender allegedly operated a basement brothel and […]

Curbside Narcotic Sales

Curbside Narcotic Sales On Keating Street Is A Detroit Institution

Illegal Curbside Narcotic Sales On Keating Street In Detroit Has Become A Detroit Institution. Where Are The Police? Curbside narcotic sales on Keating Street in Detroit has become a Detroit institution. These same 5-6 guys have been selling illegal drugs at this spot for nearly 7 or 8 years. Yet, why didn’t former Chief James […]

motor city casino

Motor City Casino Phone Scam Alert

Suburban Detroit Woman Runs Million Dollar Cell Phone Fencing Operation In Motor City Casino Parking Deck The dark recesses of the Motor City Casino parking deck are home a major Detroit cell phone fencing operation. On nearly a daily basis, a woman with the street name “Crystal” hands off thousands of dollars of brand new […]

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