Kwame Kilpatrick

A Detroit Official Hasn’t Lived This Large Since Kwame Kilpatrick

Michigan Governor’s Secret Slush Fund Is Paying For Detroit EFM’s Kwame Kilpatrick Lifestyle The Detroit News ran a great piece by Chad Livengood that states Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s secretive non-profit NERD Fund has been picking up the $800 a night tab for Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr to live the Kwame Kilpatrick lifestyle at the […]

Detroit’s Financial Woes Are A Symptom Of Michigan’s Much Bigger Problem

Detroit’s Financial Woes Have Michigan Political Elites Accepting Failure As The #1 Option   “I see NOTHING! I know NOTHING!” -Sergeant Hans Schultz Since Detroit’s financial woes that have accumulated from 50 years of mismanagement and corruption caused it to officially file Chapter 9 bankruptcy last week every journalist and pundit has chimed in on the […]

Rocker Jack White Rescues Masonic Temple In Detroit

Thanks, Jack!   Detroit’s Masonic Temple, one of the largest Masonic Temples in the world has been rescued by Jack White from the band, The White Stripes who donated $142,000 to the to the Masons to prevent it from being seized by Wayne County, Michigan at tax auction. According to the Wayne County Treasurer’s office, the county […]

Trump Loving Racist

FHA Mandated Wall To Keep Blacks Out Now A Half Mile Mural Of Hope

The FHA Wall was the U.S. Government’s Version Of Apartheid Growing up in the white Detroit suburbs in the 1970s and 1980s, I had never heard of theFHA mandated Birwood Wall until I was in mortgage lending about ten years ago.  Up until then. I just thought of it as just a wall. Like many […]

Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy Theorists Like Alex Jones Are Wrong About The Freemasons

More Proof Conspiracy Theorists Like Alex Jones Is An Idiot As Detroit Masonic Temple Goes To Tax Foreclosure Conspiracy theorists like radio host Alex Jones would like to make you believe that there are secret organizations like the Freemasons that are controlling your life like some real life version of the Matrix. Something happened in […]

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