Detroit Council Candidate Rents Bobcat To Clean Up Neighborhood Upsets Lazy Neighbors

Fox 2 News Headlines   Alexis Wiley, Fox 2 Detroit Social worker Francine Adams is running for Detroit City Council hoping to represent District 3 on the city’s east side. “Strong lady.  Strong character.  I admire her,” one woman said. Adams says she wants to clean up Detroit and has launched a project called “You […]

Detroit To Foreclose On World’s Largest Industrial Ruin

But They Can’t Afford To Tear It Down Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami  “The city can kiss my ass. Do me a favor and knock the Packard down.  I’m tired of it,” -Current Packard Plant Owner Dominic Cristini Wayne County announced today it was proceeding with foreclosing on the former Packard Plant for an unpaid tax bill of $750,000 to […]

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