Tea Party Ignorance

Will Tea Party Ignorance Force Detroit’s BK To Drag Out For Years?

Spineless GOP’s Refusal To Reign In Tea Party Ignorance Jeopardizes Court System   It’s common knowledge that Republican members of Congress are so afraid of the Tea Party Ignorance and its movement. The Tea Party groups that are holding them political hostage. The problem with the Tea Party ignorance is that not only do they […]

Andy Dillon

Is Andy Dillon Dragging Michigan Down With Him In His Losing Battle With Booze?

Andy Dillon Is Becoming An Embarrassment And It’s Time For Him To Go When Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon was Speaker of the Michigan House, he had a legendary reputation of trying to impress shot girls and waitresses with his drinking prowess by slamming shots of Grey Goose at Sandy’s on the Beach and at Cinco […]

white collar criminal

Convicted White Collar Criminal Poised To Become Mayor Of Detroit

White Collar Criminal Tom Barrow Claims He Would Apply Business Background To Mayor’s Job “There is such a sense of lawlessness here (and) city officials are charged with the responsibility of (upholding) the charter,”-Convicted Felon and Mayoral Candidate Tom Barrow On Thursday, the Detroit News ran an article profiling white collar criminal and perennial mayoral candidate Tom […]

Detroit’s Financial Woes Are A Symptom Of Michigan’s Much Bigger Problem

Detroit’s Financial Woes Have Michigan Political Elites Accepting Failure As The #1 Option   “I see NOTHING! I know NOTHING!” -Sergeant Hans Schultz Since Detroit’s financial woes that have accumulated from 50 years of mismanagement and corruption caused it to officially file Chapter 9 bankruptcy last week every journalist and pundit has chimed in on the […]

Andy Dillon

Is Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon A Deadbeat Dad?

Judge Garnishes The Paycheck Of Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon For Not Paying Child Support A Wayne County judge has garnished the paycheck of Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon. Court documents show he has failed to pay $5000 in child support to his ex-wife. It is unclear why Dillon who makes $174,000 a year as Treasurer has […]

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