FBI Suspects Front Running of Fannie, Freddie In Swaps Market

Richard Leong, Reuters Wall Street traders may be manipulating a key derivatives market and front running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, hurting the US-owned mortgage giants in the process, according to an FBI intelligence bulletin reviewed by Reuters. Using what Federal Bureau of Investigation agents described as “unsophisticated tradecraft,” such as hand signals and special telephone ring tones, […]

Oh, Whoa, Whoa, Jamie’s Cryin’ As JPMChase Is Downgraded By Regulators

John Carney, CNBC The Senate report on JPMorgan Chase’s London Whale fiasco revealed that federal regulators secretly downgraded the bank’s management rating last summer—a fact kept from investors and the public until last week. The downgrade of JPMorgan’smanagement resulted from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency finding that the bank suffered from “lax governance and oversight […]

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