Home Sales Held Hostage by Hard Line Junior Lien Holders

Prashant Gopal and John Gittelsohn, Bloomberg Tom Axon’s mortgage-collection firm gets about 25 calls a day from delinquent homeowners’ brokers seeking approval to sell their houses for a loss and avoid foreclosure. We’ll help, his staff tells them, as long as we get paid enough. Axon, working with co-investors, buys distressed U.S. home- equity loans […]

St. Petersburg Times Editorial Calls for Fixing HOA Loophole

Florida legislators can’t anticipate every legal loophole that some unscrupulous person will exploit, which is why they have to stay nimble and respond to scams when they arise. The latest one demanding a legislative response is an opening in state foreclosure law that allows investors to get title to properties for pennies on the dollar […]

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