Detroit Land Bank Spokesman

Former Detroit Land Bank Spokesman Busted For Cocaine Possession

Former Detroit Land Bank Spokesman Craig Fahle Convicted For Driving Drunk And Cocaine Possession  Former Detroit Land Bank spokesman Craig Fahle was convicted after being busted for driving drunk and cocaine possession in his pocket. The court sentenced Fahle to one year of probation and community service. Fahle was a longtime public radio personality on […]

Little Napoleon Dan Gilbert

Little Napoleon Dan Gilbert Ignites Media Civil War

It’s Pro-Little Napoleon Dan Gilbert Corporate Media Vs. Independent Media In Detroit Former sports bookie and Little Napoleon Dan Gilbert has huddled the leaders of his boiler operation into an office at The Cube. Gilbert renamed the old Chase Building in Detroit, “The Cube” when he bought it. He held a desperate conference call with […]


Is Chicago Going To Be The Next Detroit?

Wall Street Banks screwed major American cities like Chicago A few weeks ago, Ed Walker at Naked Capitalism wrote a piece about a white paper Saqib Bhatti of the Roosevelt Institute wrote last year detailing how Wall Street Banks screwed major American cities out of much needed cash. Bhatti claimed that cities are getting squeezed because […]

Ellen Cogen Lipton

State Rep Ellen Cogen Lipton Wants To Muzzle Your Free Speech

Bill By Ellen Cogen Lipton Would Deny Access To Government Docs To Online News Services and Bloggers Michigan State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton introduced a bill in the Michigan Legislature that narrowly defines the term “journalist” in FOIA requests. Her bill would limit public documents to anyone who works for a “newspaper or FCC-licensed radio or TV […]

‘Job Creator’/Candidate Dave Trott Once Tried To Foreclose On Ex-Green Beret

With foreclosure mill operator and financial terrorist, David Trott’s announcement that he is running for Congress, Jeff Wattrick at Deadline Detroit picked up my article about David Trott’s attempt to illegally foreclose on former Green Beret Jeff Reed.  Jeff Wattrick, Deadline Detroit Apparently unhappy with the representation provided byAmerica’s most beloved reindeer farmer/unhinged public school […]

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