David J. Stern

Deposed Foreclosure King Puts $32M House On The Market

Deposed Foreclosure King David J. Stern Is Liquidating Assets Including His $32 Million Dollar Waterfront Mansion Deposed Foreclosure King, David J. Stern and his wife Jeanine have put their waterfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale’s Harbor Beach on the market for $32 million. The mansion fit for a foreclosure king who mishandled 118,000 cases. The house includes six […]

Post-Foreclosure Filing Note Endorsement

Another Post-Foreclosure Note Endorsement Smacked Down

This Post-Foreclosure Note Endorsement Ruling Could Lead To Bigger Problems For Bank Of America The Florida Appellate Court shot down another post-foreclosure note endorsement. Last week, Florida’s 2nd DCA issued an opinion smacking down the post-foreclosure note endorsement in the appellate case of THE EAGLES MASTER ASSOCIATION, INC.; and ST. ANDREWS AT THE EAGLES, INC., v. Bank of America, […]

David J. Stern

Osceola County Foreclosure Reviews Could Lead To Criminal Charges

Will Osceola County Foreclosure Reviews Lead To A Crackdown Or Be Brushed Under the Rug? At the beginning of the year, Osceola County Clerk of the Courts in suburban Orlando began doing foreclosure reviews of mortgage and foreclosure filings. The review was looking for fraudulent paperwork filed by lenders and foreclosure mills.  Apparently, Clerk Armando […]

Foreclosure Mill Lawyer

Is A Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Moonlighting As An Angry Black Feminist Poet?

Florida Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Lacks The Raw Passion Of Pam Grier Or The Dynamite Kick of Tamara Dobson Last week, a law firm asked me to do something I had not done since my days in politics. They asked me to do what political strategists call “Opposition Research” on a Florida Foreclosure Mill lawyer in a case I […]

Bondi Gives Foreclosure Activist Movement CPR

So Why Is The Foreclosure Activist Movement Responding With Such Hysteria? Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami On Friday night, Kimberly Miller posted a piece on the Palm Beach Post’s website about how Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was officially closing the AG’s investigation of deceptive practices committed by Florida foreclosure mills.  An investigation started by her predecessor, Bill McCollum as a […]

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