white collar criminal

Convicted White Collar Criminal Poised To Become Mayor Of Detroit

White Collar Criminal Tom Barrow Claims He Would Apply Business Background To Mayor’s Job “There is such a sense of lawlessness here (and) city officials are charged with the responsibility of (upholding) the charter,”-Convicted Felon and Mayoral Candidate Tom Barrow On Thursday, the Detroit News ran an article profiling white collar criminal and perennial mayoral candidate Tom […]

Mayor Dave Bing

Meet Detroit’s Newest Deadbeat: Mayor Dave Bing

Mayor Dave Bing Defaults On City Loan And Leaves Major Eyesore For City To Clean Up In 2007, the automotive supply business owned by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing began to implode. Dave Bing had a great idea to save himself from financial ruin.  He was going to get a group of investors together and build […]

Burned-down houses become tombs for countless squatters in Detroit

Steve Neavling, Motor City Muckraker An untold number of bodies are buried beneath the charred rubble of burned-down houses and buildings in Detroit. Even when neighbors tell investigators that squatters are living in vacant buildings ravaged by fire, the city rarely does more than a cursory search. Police are charged with the task of searching […]

90% Of Fires In The City Of Detroit Are Allegedly Arson

But The City Can’t Afford Arson Investigators Steve Neavling, Motor City Muckraker Most fires in Detroit are intentionally set. But when firefighters rush to the scene of a fire, it’s often impossible to get police or an arson investigator to respond. That was the case at 9 p.m. Monday when firefighters were battling a blaze […]

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