Michigan Residents

Michigan Residents Are In Denial As State Dies A Slow Agonizing Death

Michigan Residents Must Really Believe Denial Is A River In Egypt Several months ago, I wrote a blog about how Detroit’s problems and it’s bankruptcy are just a symptom Michigan’s bigger problems. I compared Michigan residents to the morbidly obese guy you see at Walmart with an amputated foot, heart disease and renal failure wearing a colonoscopy […]

Students Build Bus Bench For Detroit’s Elderly Only To Have City Elites Tear It Down

These Students Are An Example Of The Next Generation Of Detroiters Taking Care Of Business “If Dan Gilbert from Quicken Loans or the Kresge Foundation put up this bench and paid for it by covering it with ads for payday lenders or some equally parasitic enterprise, would the city be tearing it down? The answer […]

Dan Gilbert Funded Website Puts Housing Discrimination In The Hands Of Home Buyers

Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans Eliminates Those Awkward Moments For Real Estate Agents Who Can’t Talk About The Non-White Family Next Door Sarah Cox, Detroit Curbed Today we were forwarded a press release being distributed by Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans about the Detroit-based startup Picket Report, “a new online research tool that helps homebuyers find their perfect neighborhood.” And how […]

Quicken Loans Fraud

Does Quicken Loans Utilize The Li’l Bastard Brainwashing Kit?

The Quicken Loans Brainwashing Kit Makes Employees Say, “All Hail, Glorious Leader Of Quicken Loans” Back in the day when I originated loans in Metro Detroit, I had friends who worked at Quicken Loans and it was apparent they drank the special  Dan Gilbert flavored Kool-Aid. It got to the point where they would meet […]

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