The Credit Union CEO Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

The Credit Union CEO Kam Wong Pleads Guilty To Multi-Million Dollar Embezzlement Scheme The former CEO of the Credit Union pled guilty in Manhattan federal court to embezzling millions of dollars from the Credit Union. Kam Wong was the CEO of the oldest credit unions in New York credit union and the United States.  The […]

robocall solicitations

Mortgage Lenders Want To Bombard You With More Robocall Solicitations

Like Annoying Robocall Solicitations? The FCC Is About To Let The Financial Industry Bombard You With More The finance industry is pushing the FCC to make revisions to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. They want to make it easier to bombard you with robocall solicitations and collection calls. The TCPA revisions would also […]

Credit Union National Association Sues Equifax Over Data Breach

Credit Union National Association Sues Equifax On Behalf Of  Its Members Over Losses From Data Breach The Credit Union National Association is suing Equifax on behalf of its members. CUNA filed the lawsuit last week in Federal Court in Atlanta. The suit seeks to recover the costs borne by credit unions in the aftermath of the Equifax’s security […]

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