Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse Shares Plunge 18 Percent

Credit Suisse Shares Plunge $4.09 Billion As The Bank Announces Huge Third-Quarter Losses And Major Strategic Overhaul Swiss Banker Credit Suisse saw their shares plunge 18% on Thursday. The Swiss bank posted a quarterly loss of $4.09 billion that was significantly worse than analyst estimates. As a result, bank leadership announced a massive strategic overhaul. Credit […]

Select Portfolio Servicing Is

Select Portfolio Servicing Is Busted Jerking Around People Of Color, Again!

Credit Suisse Owned Select Portfolio Servicing Busted! Servicer Accused Of Jerking Around Black Homeowners, Again! Select Portfolio Servicing is busted jerking around people of color. This isn’t the first time. I’ve written about this multiple times. However, this time it was WFTV Reporter Todd Ulrich in Orlando who busted them. Ulrich also received the run […]

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