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Select Portfolio Servicing Is Busted Jerking Around People Of Color, Again!

Credit Suisse Owned Select Portfolio Servicing Busted! Servicer Accused Of Jerking Around Black Homeowners, Again! Select Portfolio Servicing is busted jerking around people of color. This isn’t the first time. I’ve written about this multiple times. However, this time it was WFTV Reporter Todd Ulrich in Orlando who busted them. Ulrich also received the run […]

Interns At Barclays Have To Take A ‘Toilet Naps’

Julia LaRoche, Business Insider One of the big stories on Wall Street lately has been the investment banks cutting back the amount of hours their junior employees have to work. Long hours on Wall Street for junior bankers came under scrutiny after 21-year-old Bank of America intern Moritz Erhardt died last summer.  Unconfirmed reports said Erhardt had worked […]

NY State Court Halts Judge Shopping Shenanigans In RMBS Fraud Cases

Teri Buhl, Banks looking to judge shop in RMBS putback cases filed in New York State court are going to get shut out of the process. Apparently there are so many cases to litigate against banks, like JP Morgan and Credit Suisse selling billions of garbage mortgage securities to investors, that administrative judge Sherry […]

Fraud-Notable Quotables from MBIA VS. Credit Suisse Amended Complaint

From Barry Ritholz’s the Big Picture From Manal Mehta of Sunesis Capital MUST MUST READ FRAUD-NOTABLE QUOTABLES FROM MBIA VS. CREDIT SUISSE AMENDED COMPLAINT-”shady as fck,” “Utter complete garbage” “what does our loan conduit and the Titanic have in common?” “both sleep with the fish.” “no matter how shi*ty production is…” pdf by Transcript after […]

Who In the World Of Finance Will End Up Like Augustus Gloop In 2013?

It’s Highly Unlikely They Will Receive An Umpa Lumpa Song Upon their Departure Dominic Elliott and Antony Currie, Reuters The authors are Reuters Breakingviews columnists. The opinions expressed are their own At least one of the three big bank chief executives to survive the financial crisis could be without a job by the end of […]

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