Copyright troll attorney

Copyright Troll Attorney Mathew Higbee & Associates

How To Deal With Extortion Threats By Copyright Troll Attorney Mathew Higbee & Associates So, you have received a letter or email from copyright troll attorney Mathew Higbee & Associates. Not to worry, you are not alone. Like MFI-Miami and other businesses, we have have all gotten numerous emails and other written correspondence from these […]

Jesus Christ

Is Jesus Christ To Become “The Messiah Formerly Known As”?

Company Threatens Litigation Of Biblical Proportions To Protect Their “Jesus” and “Jesus Christ” Trademark Just imagine every time you go to church or pray Jesus’ name you have to pay a royalty. Imagine being forced to pay a royalty when you mumble, “Jesus Christ” under your breath. Or the use Jesus’ name in a variety […]

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