Dan Castricone Mystery

Dan Castricone Mystery Goes Unsolved

The Unsolved Dan Castricone Mystery That Has Baffled The Hudson Valley  There is a Dan Castricone mystery afoot and it seems to have the lower Hudson Valley baffled. Why did Dan Castricone and Allstate Insurance part ways? MFI-Miami reached out to local necromancer Deborah Hanlon. We told her we needed her help to channel the […]

Dan Castricone

Dan Castricone Probably Violated Federal Campaign Laws

It appears Dan Castricone Violated Federal Law During His Congressional Campaign Dan Castricone seems to be pretty cavalier about violating the law for a guy who went to law school. It also appears he violated quite a few disclosure laws during his congressional campaign.  The former Allstate Insurance Agent ran on a platform of government openness. […]

Emily Convers

Allstate Insurance Customers Threaten To Cancel Policies

Allstate Insurance Customers Are Not Happy. They Threaten To Cancel Policies Over Allstate Agent Dan Castricone’s Cryptic Nazi Comments It seems like Allstate Insurance customers are pretty angry at Allstate Insurance Agent Dan Castricone. As a result, they are threatening to cancel their policies. They are angry that Allstate would allow one of their agents to […]


Attorney Dan Castricone Admits Leading Cryptic Nazi Groups

Attorney Dan Castricone Is The Man Behind Cryptic Nazi Groups It has been confirmed that Attorney Dan Castricone is the man pulling the levers of two cryptic Nazi groups. Castricone is secretly leading United Monroe and Orange Is The New Bloc in New York’s Lower Hudson Valley. United Monroe and OITNB have been vocal in their […]

Frank Truatt

Frank Truatt Is In Denial About More Than Just His Wig

It’s Time For The Hudson Valley To Know The Truth About Frank Truatt And WTBQ Yes, the hair on top of WTBQ owner Frank Truatt head that makes him look like he’s going to a Foghat tribute concert is fake. But for Frank Truatt, the rug on his head is the least of his problems with WTBQ. I […]

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