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Want Justice For Trayvon Martin? Quit Complaining And Boycott Orlando Theme Parks

When Florida Loses Tax Revenue Because Of Trayvon Martin, The Legislature Will Act The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin has brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets across America. They are launching peaceful protests of what is one of the greatest injustices out of the American South. These […]

Why Has Comcast AKA ComCrap Blacked Out ML-Implode?

Comcast Censors The Internet From ML-Implode Since August 5th, we have been receiving sporadic reports from COMCAST broadband customers (and only COMCAST) customers that they cannot resolve,, or any other IEHI sites or those hosted on our servers (such as  This means they will get an error message in their browsers and cannot see […]

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