Were Hackers Hired To Silence Teri Buhl and MFI-Miami Client?

Teri Buhl, www.teribuhl.com Someone is really afraid of my reporting. A day after I published a news report about a New Canaan women’s battle to save her over leveraged real estate investments from community banks who want her homes auctioned my news site suffered a DDOS attack. Dreamhost, the company I host this site with, said it was a […]

Community Bank Treats MFI-Miami Client Worse Than Big Bank

Community Banks force New Canaan Realtor to Liquidate: Six Prime Homes Ordered for Auction Teri Buhl, www.teribuhl.com “It looks like Ridgefield forgot Gordon Gecko’s first rule of investing. Don’t let emotions get in the way of making money.” -Steve Dibert A top New Canaan real estate agent who tried to use a reorganization bankruptcy to […]

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