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100 Percent Financing Is Back In San Francisco

San Francisco Federal Credit Union Is Offering 100 Percent Financing Up To $2 Million Residential Purchases San Francisco Federal Credit Union assumes you have the credit worthiness for 100 percent financing up to $2 million with no money down if you can afford to live in San Francisco. So a 100 percent financing program offering […]

fake liens

Are FHA Loans “Government Backed” Subprime Loans?

JPMorgan Chase Claims That FHA Loans Are Government Backed Subprime Loans FHA loans that were originally intended to give first-time buyers easy access to mortgages are being compared to the very loans that contributed to the housing crisis. Kevin Watters, CEO of Chase Mortgage Banking told CNBC, “FHA requirements are down to a 520 FICO […]


CNBC Promotes Video Of Host Rick Santelli Having Nonsensical And Idiotic Rant

CNBC Host Santelli Goes Ape Shit When Other Hosts Call Him Out For Never Being Accurate CNBC talking head Rick Santelli went on an epic rant about Janet Yellin and Fed policy. You may remember Santelli. Santelli is the guy who called for a rebellion against Obama less than 60 days after Obama was sworn […]

Chinese Economy

Could Detroit Bring Down The Chinese Economy?

The Chinese Economy Is At Risk Because Of Places Like Detroit For those of you who missed it, Gordon Chang at Forbes wrote a great piece today. He wrote that the Chinese economy is at risk because Chinese real estate speculators are buying property like crazy in Detroit. They are also encouraging other rich Chinese to […]

CNBC Reporter Covers Steve Dibert

Diana Olick, a CNBC reporter, just mentioned MFI-Miami and MFI-Mod Squad founder Steve Dibert in her new article, Scam Artists at Work: Borrowers Beware. Read her article…

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