Plutocrats’ Dream Utopia Was Lifted From Family Guy

Do Billionaires Have Visions Of Doing Family Peter Griffin’s “Can’t Touch This” from Family Guy? Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami On Saturday, I posted a piece about how a group of Michigan billionaires who made their fortunes from being recipients of corporate welfare want to buy an island park on the Detroit River from the City of […]

As Detroit Slides Into Insolvency, Red Wings & Tigers Owner Owes City $1M In Back Taxes

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami It was released today that Mike Ilitch’s pizza and entertainment businesses owe the City of Detroit over a $1 million in back taxes going back to 2009.  Mike Ilitch, is owner of the Little Caesar’s Pizza chain, the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Red Wings. Questions arose today in Lansing about Olympia […]

Wayne County Sells House At Auction Slated For Demolition

But Doesn’t Disclose It To Buyer Steve Neavling, Motor City Muckraker Artists Kristine Diven and Micho Detronik thought they found the perfect home in Detroit. The fixer-upper was spacious with a second-floor balcony, a new roof and beautiful fireplaces. The east-side house needed a little work – new bathtubs, doors and electrical wiring. But less […]

Detroit To Foreclose On World’s Largest Industrial Ruin

But They Can’t Afford To Tear It Down Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami  “The city can kiss my ass. Do me a favor and knock the Packard down.  I’m tired of it,” -Current Packard Plant Owner Dominic Cristini Wayne County announced today it was proceeding with foreclosing on the former Packard Plant for an unpaid tax bill of $750,000 to […]

MFI-Miami Assembles Legal Team To Help Cancer Mom Battle Wayne County

MFI-Miami Believes Wayne County Treasurer May Have Committed Illegal Tax Foreclosure On September 26, 2012, Steve Dibert, President of MFI-Miami, an internationally recognized leader in investigating mortgage fraud and mortgage backed securities fraud committed by banks and mortgage servicers, announced that on September 24, 2006, he assembled a legal team to help cancer victim Kelly […]

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