Citimortgage Does Another Round Of Layoffs

Citibank Defends Further Staffing Reductions At Citimortgage  Citibank has cut staffing levels at Citimortgage for the third time in 9 months. Citi claims letting go of the 100 employees was to “streamline internal functions.”  However, it probably has more to do with surging rates and a reorganization of its operations.  Citibank claims it is working […]


Citibank Slapped With $30 Million Fine For Neglecting Foreclosed Homes

Citibank Slapped With $30 Million Fine For Leaving Hundreds Of REO Properties Vacant Past The 5-Year Limit Federal banking regulators have slapped Citibank with a $30 million fine. An investigation found that the bank was not selling foreclosed homes back into the market fast enough.  The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced it […]


Pssst…Hey Mac, You Wanna Know A Secret On How To Delay Your Foreclosure?

Piss Off The Foreclosure Mill, Delay Your Foreclosure The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or CFPB has a website to stop a foreclosure. Most homeowners don’t know about the site. It allows you to file a complaint against your mortgage lender or mortgage servicer. It also allows you to file a complaint against the servicer’s attorney. […]

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Here’s The Investment Advice Citi Is Giving To Its Super-Rich Clients

LAWRENCE DELEVINGNE, CNBC Investors are hurting their long-term returns by focusing too much on assets that can be cashed in at virtually any moment, according to a new outlook published by Citi Private Bank. The $290 billion Citi unit, which serves clients with at least $25 million in assets, believes that individuals with years of investing ahead shouldn’t […]

Miami Files Latino “Ghetto Loans” Lawsuit Against 3 Banks

Miami sues big banks over discriminatory mortgage lending Reuters Miami has sued Bank of America , Wells Fargo and Citibank in U.S. federal court in Florida, for discriminatory mortgage lending practices against minority residents that resulted in a rash of foreclosures, the city said on Thursday. The lawsuits, filed on Dec. 13, accuse the banks […]

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