Blog War In Financial Geekdom Has Me Thinking

There was an interesting blog war that erupted last week between Paul Jackson at Housing Wire and Yves Smith aka Susan Webber at Naked Capitalism about a recent ruling in Alabama in which the Alabama judge ruled the PSA used in the securitization of a homeowner’s loan cannot be used as a part of a foreclosure defense […]

Foreclosure Madness

Has Foreclosure Madness Turned Into Reefer Madness In Flori-duh?

Has Foreclosure Madness Has Gotten So Crazy It’s Like Everyone IS Hopped Up On Drugs Foreclosure madness has hit a fever pitch. I wrote a blog about how most homeowner advocacy sites are nothing more than marketing tools for law firms or are illegally soliciting money claiming to be non-profits. People went wild. Richard Zombeck […]

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