Tea Party Ignorance

Will Tea Party Ignorance Force Detroit’s BK To Drag Out For Years?

Spineless GOP’s Refusal To Reign In Tea Party Ignorance Jeopardizes Court System   It’s common knowledge that Republican members of Congress are so afraid of the Tea Party Ignorance and its movement. The Tea Party groups that are holding them political hostage. The problem with the Tea Party ignorance is that not only do they […]

Kevyn Orr

Is Detroit’s New Emergency Financial Manager A Tax Cheat?

Records Show Up Until Yesterday Orr Owed The State Of Maryland $16,000 In Unemployment And Income Taxes For Nanny   “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” -Leona Helmsley The Detroit News broke a story yesterday that Detroit’s new Emergency Financial Manager, Kevyn Orr has been hit four times in four years […]

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