No More HELOCs! Major Banks Stop HELOC Originations

The 2nd Financial Crisis Of The 21st Century Begins! Chase And Wells Fargo Stop Originations Of HELOCs.  Strap yourselves in and get ready to rumble! America is in the infancy of its second financial crisis of the 21st century. Two of the largest banks in the US have announced they will terminate all originations of […]

bank robbers

Bank Robbers Attempt To Dig Tunnel To Rob Florida Chase Bank

Bungling Bank Robbers Attempt To Dig Tunnel To Rob South Florida Chase Bank Would be South Florida bank robbers thought life was like the movies. They thought they could tunnel their way in through a basement of a Chase Bank. Unfortunately, the tunnel leading toward the bank from a wooded area was discovered in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The […]

mortgage acceleration letters

Lenders Must Prove Mortgage Acceleration Letters Are Mailed

Florida Court Says Lenders Must Prove Homeowners Received Mortgage Acceleration Letters Prior To Foreclosure The 2nd Florida DCA ruled that mortgage servicers must prove they mailed mortgage acceleration letters to a homeowner before initiating a foreclosure. The appellate court ruled in favor of homeowner Steven E. Soule. Soule appealed the final judgment of foreclosure entered […]

Chase QuickPay

Chase QuickPay With Zelle Takes Longer Than Elephant Mating

Chase QuickPay With Zelle Is The Worst Money Transfer Service! Elephant Mating Takes Less Time! I had two different law firms I work with pay me through Chase QuickPay with Zelle in the past two weeks. It was not a very pleasant experience. Chase and Zelle advertise that the money will transfer in minutes. Yet, […]

Russian Mafia Did It! I swear.

  The Russian Mafia Did It! I swear. Homeowners Stuck If Their Refinance Money Is Stolen During A Wire Transfer Back in August, I posted a story about how a title company in suburban Denver claimed the Russian Mafia hacked a wire transfer for $277,000 when they transferred funds to JPMorgan Chase to pay off […]

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