Freeloading Homeowners Who Plan To Vote For Romney…

Freeloading Homeowners Should Invest In Some Plywood and Cardboard If He Wins Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Since the U.S. Presidential race has heated up after Labor Day, All I’ve heard from the so-called foreclosure activist crowd is that they are all voting for Romney or the Libertarian candidate former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. There are […]

Bondi Gives Foreclosure Activist Movement CPR

So Why Is The Foreclosure Activist Movement Responding With Such Hysteria? Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami On Friday night, Kimberly Miller posted a piece on the Palm Beach Post’s website about how Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was officially closing the AG’s investigation of deceptive practices committed by Florida foreclosure mills.  An investigation started by her predecessor, Bill McCollum as a […]

Deutsche Bank

Lisa Epstein Will You Please Go Now!

Foreclosure Gadfly Lisa Epstein Will You Please Go Now! Are you wondering what happened in the race for Palm County Clerk of the Court? The fine voters of Palm Beach County gave experienced public servant, Sharon Bock, a mandate. Bock received 86,957 votes (76.31%). They rejected foreclosure gadfly Lisa Epstein by only giving her 27,001 […]

Yves Smith

Is Yves Smith At Naked Capitalism Sniffing Glue?

Yves Smith’s Plea For Votes For Lisa Epstein Puts A Serious Bite Into Her Credibility I’m a Palm Beach County resident. I refuse to take voting advice from Yves Smith. I’m voting for Sharon Bock for Clerk of the Courts. Why? For the simple fact I like experienced public servants. Besides, she has done nothing […]

Neil Garfield

Michael Redman Is An Idiot And Other Observations

More Proof Michael Redman of Fame Is An Idiot Up until yesterday I only suspected that convicted felon Carol Asbury’s propagandist, Michael Redman, was an idiot. After all, he fell for her bullshit. He even lied for her by telling people he started and owned the website,  Asbury needed a patsy. She didn’t […]

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