CFPB Spanks Carrington Mortgage

CFPB Spanks Carrington Mortgage For CARES Act Violations

CFPB Spanks Carrington Mortgage With A $5.25 Million Fime For Cheating Homeowners Of Their Rights Under The CARES Act CFPB spanks Carrington Mortgage Services with a $5.25 million fine! Yep, you heard that right. The CFPB claimed Carrington Mortgage committed improper practices related to forbearance plans during the Covid-19 pandemic. CFPB’s director Rohit Chopra said […]

Mortgage Forbearances

Mortgage Forbearances Down 27 Basis Points

Mortgage Bankers Say Mortgage Forbearance Decreased To 2.62%. Ginnie Mae’s Portfolio Finally Below 3% The Mortgage Bankers Association is saying mortgage forbearances are down .27%. They also stated that forbearance portfolio volume declined at the fastest rate in a year. This is in part to mortgage holders exit COVID-19 plans. Exits are expected to pick up […]

Mortgage Forbearance Alert

Mortgage Forbearance Alert: You Have Options As Mortgage Forbearance Ends

MORTGAGE FORBEARANCE ALERT! Don’t Be Caught Facing Foreclosure. You Have Options! MORTGAGE FORBEARANCE ALERT! Some homeowners will soon come to the end of their 18-month mortgage forbearance period. As a result, borrowers affected by the pandemic will have to figure out how to repay their back payments. Fortunately, most loan servicers don’t want to foreclose. […]

Foreclosure Moratorium Alert

Foreclosure Moratorium Alert! Homeowners Scramble To Find Help

Foreclosure Moratorium Alert! Homeowners Scramble To Save Their Homes In A Booming Housing Market MFI-Miami has issued a foreclosure moratorium alert for homeowners facing possible foreclosure. The federal foreclosure moratorium on mortgage foreclosures ended July 31st. As a result, homeowners will now have to deal with overdue payments that were paused for more than a […]

maryland Covid-19 foreclosure defense

Maryland COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline! Call 888.737.6344

MFI-Miami Launches The Maryland COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline! Call Us At 888.737.6344 MFI-Miami has created the Maryland COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline. Is a mortgage servicer threatening you with foreclosure in Maryland during the current coronavirus pandemic? MFI-Miami and our the lawyers we we work with in Maryland can help. Call us at 888.737.6344. The coronavirus pandemic […]

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