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TD Bank AKA Charges $15 To Cash Checks

Don’t Be Fooled, Canadian Banks Like TD Bank Are Greedier than American Banks Last month you read on MFI-Miami how Canadian owned TD Bank was openly discriminating against atheists here in the United States. Now word comes from the birthplace of the American Revolution that TD Bank is now gouging people with check-cashing fees. Blogger […]

TD Bank

Canadian Owned TD Bank Refuses Service To Atheist

TD Bank Refuses Service To Atheists  I was just refused service at TD Bank — because I am an atheist. It was embarrassing, humiliating, and pissed me off. A notary at a local bank asked me to explain what we were having notarized. The documents were charitable organizations registrations for American Atheists in several states. […]

Canadian Banks Block Homebound Seniors From Getting Their Money

CBC Some bedridden or housebound elderly people have been denied service by Canadian banks, which refuse to cash cheques and do other transactions on their behalf, unless they come to the bank. “It’s cruel — and there is no need of it,” said Linda Graham, whose 94-year-old mother went without her pension money for seven […]

Canadian Bank Drained Terminally-Ill American Child’s Charitable Account

Then Hounded Family For Overdraft Fees Karin Price Mueller/The Star-Ledger Karin Price Mueller, The Star Ledger Andrew Cogswell doesn’t have a lot of free time to fight bureaucracy. The South River man is the father of Kelly Cogswell, 6, who is terminally ill with Mitochondrial Disease/Leigh Syndrome. Kelly lives with a tracheotomy, a feeding tube […]

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