Bankers New Tactic: Blame the Victim

Richard Zombeck, Huffington Post Once again, as another harebrained scheme unravels, the swinging dicks of Wall Street manage to appear impervious to reality and completely immune to the truth. Nearly every Attorney General in the country is now investigating what was not just simply serial fraud but a no-holds-barred crime spree affecting millions of mortgages across […]

Obama Administration in a Scramble to Do Something Right for Housing Market

Martin Andelman, ML-Implode The 18th Amendment and accompanying Volstead Act that banned alcohol wasn’t all that red hot an idea.  It didn’t work worth a darn, and it provided funding for the birth of organized crime. Nixon’s operatives breaking into and bugging the Democratic headquarters when McGovern had no chance of beating Nixon in 1972, was […]

Huffington Post

MFI-Miami was mentioned in the Huffington Post

MFI-Miami was mentioned in the Huffington Post About Fannie Mae Shenanigans MFI-Miami was featured in a Huffington Post blog by Richard Zombeck. Treasury Used Bogus Info in Report to Homeowners Richard Zombeck, Huffington Post According to a recent article in Huffington Post by Shahien Nasiripour, “Treasury claims that Fannie Mae, which administers its Home Affordable […]

Bank of America Pulls Offer To Undo Illegal Foreclosure Against Michigan Cancer Victim

That’s right! My client Lynne in Northern Michigan who is now enduring chemotherapy received a call from a gentleman at Bank of America’s Simi Valley office on Friday saying they were going to rescind the foreclosure and work with them on a modification.  Well, now Bank of America has changed their tune.  They’re saying they […]

Sam Antar

Sam Antar Talks About Life as a White-Collar Criminal

Former Fraudster Sam Antar Talks About Life as a White-Collar Criminal   For those of you who don’t know, Sam Antar of Crazy Eddie fame is a big fan of this site.  He wrote the below article on his blog the other day and it made me think of everything that went on in the […]

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