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Bank of America Is About To Take Outsourcing To Whole New Level

Bank of America To Replace Local Tellers With Low-Wage Video Conferenced Tellers In the past three months, Bank of America has quietly been replacing their ATM machines with models that allow for video conferencing. At first glance, it appears Bank of America did this to make their ATM customers feel all warm and fuzzy. “Too often, […]

Rebecca Mairone

Jury Finds Countrywide Hustler Rebecca Mairone Guilty

Even After Verdict Defiant BofA Execs & Rebecca Mairone Still Pleading Innocence Nate Raymond at Reuters wrote a great piece about Rebecca Mairone aka the Countrywide Hustler Bank of America Corp was found liable for fraud on Wednesday over defective mortgages sold by its Countrywide unit, a major win for the U.S. government in one of the […]

Urban Spartacus

Detroit Lost An Urban Spartacus To Cancer Today

Detroit Urban Spartacus Kelly Parker Reminded Us Of What We Can Accomplish If We Stand Up And Fight   In the dystopian post-industrial ruins of Detroit where hundreds of thousands of people fight to survive, Urban Spartacus Kelly Parker rose above the poor timid souls that inhabit what was once the “Arsenal of Democracy” This […]

BofA Solves Liquidity Problem By Circumventing National Mortgage Settlement

BofA Is Circumventing National Mortgage Settlement By Selling Servicing Rights To Unregulated Servicers   “Are you aware of the fact that your bank is turning its customers over to a processor that based on the complaints posted appears to not only lack basic competency but also poor customer service? Many of the complaints are former BofA customers, […]

Is Bank Of America Stomping On The Rights Of Hispanic Homeowners?

Bank of America Is Illegally Taking Angel Garcia’s Home And He’s Not Alone “This is like doing business with a praying mantis. You get seduced, and then eaten alive afterwards” -Steve Jobs American banks and American businesses have been stomping on the rights of Hispanic-Americans since the U.S. annexed what is now the American Southwest […]

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