facebook housing discrimination

Facebook Housing Discrimination Now Being Investigated By NYDFS

Andrew Cuomo Orders NYDFS To Investigate Facebook Housing Discrimination Claims Last year, HUD launched an investigation into complaints of Facebook housing discrimination. Now it’s New York State’s turn. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the NYDFS will be investigating Facebook housing discrimination claims. The NYDFS wants to know if the site allowed housing providers to discriminate […]

HUD Secretary

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Rants About Deep State Socialist Perverts

Crackpot HUD Secretary Ben Carson Blames Deep State Socialist Perverts For Kavanaugh Controversy HUD Secretary Ben Carson believes a nefarious plot by socialist perverts is behind sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The HUD Secretary and former neurosurgeon blamed the controversy on socialists who secretly control the deep state. They don’t like […]

Facebook Investigation

HUD Launches Another Facebook Investigation Over Housing Ads

HUD Launches Another Facebook Investigation After Receiving More Complaints About Discriminatory Housing Ads HUD announced they are launching another Facebook investigation about real estate ads. The agency launched a Facebook investigation last year but halted it earlier this year. However, new information has come to light. HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s office issued the following statement: Secretary […]

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity Cashes In! Pockets Millions Of Dollars From Your Misery

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Cashed In On Peoples Misery By Snagging Up Fraudulent Foreclosures And Evicting People Fox News blabbermouth Sean Hannity harshly criticized the Obama Administration’s dealing with the financial crisis. Yet, it now appears he profited handsomely from the very policy he criticized publicly on his show. The Guardian has confirmed Hannity’s chosen investment […]

Crackpot Ben Carson

Trump Picks Crazy And Unqualified Ben Carson For HUD Secretary

Donald Trump Picks Unqualified And Mentally Unstable Ben Carson For HUD Secretary  Donald Trump has chosen Dr. Ben Carson to lead HUD in January. A position Carson is totally unqualified for. The retired neurosurgeon has no experience in lending or housing issues. He also has a history of violent behavior. Ben Carson aides stated Carson was […]

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