Nutty Lawyer Bruce Jacobs

Nutty Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Looking At Minimum 3 Month Suspension

Nutty Lawyer Bruce Jacobs Facing Minimum 3 Month Suspension From Practicing Law. However, Florida Supreme Court Could Make It A Multi-Year Suspension The Florida Supreme Court should be making a decision soon regarding suspending nutty lawyer Bruce Jacobs. Jacobs is facing a minimum three month suspension from practicing law. In addition, he is facing a […]

Attorney Bruce Jacobs And His Whackadoodle Filings

Florida Judges Take Aim at Attorney Bruce Jacobs And His Rambling And Insane 3,500-Page Filings Nova Southeastern University College of Law Legal Ethics Professor Bob Jarvis told recently, “(Attorney Bruce Jacobs) is going to get himself disbarred. If not now, then sometime in the future. He either refuses to practice law in the right […]

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