NXiVM Sex Cult

Feds Move To Seize 2 NXIVM Sex Cult Houses In Upstate NY

Federal Prosecutors Motion The Court To Seize Two NXIVM Sex Cult Houses North Of Albany, NY The FBI has filed an asset forfeiture motion in federal court to seize two properties where accused the NXIVM sex cult allegedly treated women as “slaves” to perform sexual rituals.  In addition, federal authorities filed criminal sex trafficking and forced labor […]

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Former FBI Special Agent Teams Up With MFI-Miami

MFI-Miami Is Teaming Up With Internationally Recognized Forensic Accountant And Former FBI Special Agent Al Horton  MFI-Miami is teaming up with former FBI Special Agent Al Horton. Al Horton is also financial fraud investigator and internationally recognized CPA. Al Horton was part of the FBI’s Joint Strike Force at the USAO in Baltimore. He investigated […]

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Craig Brand Talks Asset Forfeiture With Max Keiser

Abuse Of Asset Forfeiture Laws By Police Is Becoming A Huge Problem In The U.S. Attorney Craig Brand of The Brand Law Firm, PA appeared on the Keiser Report today on RT. Craig Brand represents victims of asset forfeiture by overzealous law enforcement and government agencies. Craig and host Max Keiser discussed how the federal and […]

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