American Housing Timebomb

The American Housing Time Bomb!

The American Housing Time Bomb! 20% Of US Homeowners Are Struggling To Keep Up With Their Mortgage Payments Is the American housing time bomb about to go off? 20% of US homeowners are struggling to afford their mortgage payments as a result of rising living costs. That equates to 11 million Americans. Research agency Opinium […]

The American Housing Market

The American Housing Market Resembles 2006

The American Housing Market Is Resembling 2006. Is It Deja Vu All Over Again? The American housing market is sound disturbingly familiar to us who survived the housing crash 15 years ago. Skyrocketing home prices have very suddenly leveled off. Recession fears are swirling and the number of home sales has dropped off in the […]

Luxury Housing Market

Luxury Housing Market Sees High-End Buyers Flee

Luxury Housing Market Sees Buyers Flee Thanks To Rising Interest Rates And Volatile Stocks The luxury housing market is finally bust. After a record breaking two year run, the party is abruptly over. Real-estate agents in places like New York, Los Angeles, and the Hamptons say the frenzied deal making and record-setting prices that characterized […]

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