American Homeowners Lost

American Homeowners Lost $1.3 Trillion In Equity

American Homeowners Lost $1.3 Trillion Of Equity In Their Homes In The 3rd Quarter Of 2022 American Homeowners saw their home values peak in the second quarter of this year. Unfortunately, it was short lived. American homeowners lost nearly $1.3 Trillion in equity from July through September. The value contraction is a record according to […]

American Homeownership

American Homeownership At 35-Year Low And Dropping

American Homeownership Have Dropped To Levels From The Early 1980s And It’s Only Getting Worse American homeownership rate has declined dramatically since its peak during the housing boom. Homeownership is dropping for a number of reasons. The 2008 financial crisis plays an important part because lenders began tightening their belts.  The neverending government control of Fannie Mae […]

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