Americans Are Becoming Forever Renters

American Homeowners Are Becoming Lifetime Renters

Americans Homeowners Are Giving Up Their Mortgages To ‘Rent Forever’ In Larger Homes With Lower Monthly Costs American homeowners are giving up on the struggle to own their own homes in the overheated property market.  The proportion of single-family homes being built for rent has doubled in two years. As a result, real estate corporations […]

American Homeowners Lost

American Homeowners Lost $1.3 Trillion In Equity

American Homeowners Lost $1.3 Trillion Of Equity In Their Homes In The 3rd Quarter Of 2022 American Homeowners saw their home values peak in the second quarter of this year. Unfortunately, it was short lived. American homeowners lost nearly $1.3 Trillion in equity from July through September. The value contraction is a record according to […]

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