Dan Castricone Mystery

Dan Castricone Mystery Goes Unsolved

The Unsolved Dan Castricone Mystery That Has Baffled The Hudson Valley  There is a Dan Castricone mystery afoot and it seems to have the lower Hudson Valley baffled. Why did Dan Castricone and Allstate Insurance part ways? MFI-Miami reached out to local necromancer Deborah Hanlon. We told her we needed her help to channel the […]

Dan Castricone

Dan Castricone Probably Violated Federal Campaign Laws

It appears Dan Castricone Violated Federal Law During His Congressional Campaign Dan Castricone seems to be pretty cavalier about violating the law for a guy who went to law school. It also appears he violated quite a few disclosure laws during his congressional campaign.  The former Allstate Insurance Agent ran on a platform of government openness. […]

United Monroe Leader Emily Convers

United Monroe Leader Emily Convers Charged

United Monroe Leader Emily Convers Charged With Harassment With Physical Contact United Monroe Leader Emily Convers has been charged with Harassment in the 2nd Degree-Physical Contact. She faces arraignment on May 2, 2017. Convers allegedly threw an unknown liquid at Monroe Town Supervisor Harley Doles on February 1, 2017. Consequently, the liquid burned his eyes and […]

Nutso Emily Convers

Nutso Emily Convers Crashes Monroe Property Values

Nutso Emily Convers And Her Jew Bashing Pals At United Monroe Are Crashing Monroe Property Values Nutso Emily Convers wants everyone in Orange County to pay attention to her Wagnerian theatrics about Kiryas Joel. She claims that village expansion will hurt property values in the Town of Monroe without providing any data. Convers also makes […]

WTBQ Payola Scheme

MFI-Miami Uncovers Possible WTBQ Payola Scheme

MFI-Miami Uncovers Possible WTBQ Payola Scheme Involving Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Allstate Agent Dan Castricone MFI-Miami has uncovered what appears to be an illegal WTBQ Payola scheme. This potential WTBQ Payola scheme involves local Allstate Agent Dan Castricone and Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus.  Castricone has a weekly show on WTBQ that airs […]

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