Neil Garfield

Michael Redman Is An Idiot And Other Observations

More Proof Michael Redman of Fame Is An Idiot Up until yesterday I only suspected that convicted felon Carol Asbury’s propagandist, Michael Redman, was an idiot. After all, he fell for her bullshit. He even lied for her by telling people he started and owned the website,  Asbury needed a patsy. She didn’t […]

New York Mortgage Fraudsters

Carol Asbury’s Partner In Fraud Scheme Sentenced To 4 Years In Fed Lock Up

Carol Asbury’s Partner Carl Alexander sentenced for role in Asbury’s Versailles mortgage fraud scheme The Palm Beach Post reports Carol Asbury’s partner Carl Alexander was sentenced to four years in prison. He was also ordered to pay $3.5 million in restitution. Alexander was partners with now-disbarred attorney Carol Asbury. Asbury was founder and former owner […]

Owner of Indicted For Mortgage Fraud Owner Carol Asbury Accused of Running A Straw Buyer Operation Foreclosure defense and owner of attorney Carol Asbury was indicted by the feds. They allege she was involved in a mortgage fraud scheme in the wealthy community of Wellington. Wellington is about 15 miles west of West Palm Beach. Prosecutors allege Asbury was […]

Foreclosure advocacy

Just Because A Website Claims To Be A Foreclosure Advocacy Site

Just Because A Website Claims To Be A Foreclosure Advocacy Site Does Not Mean It’s Looking Out For You I often get asked what I think about the foreclosure advocacy that has sprung up in recent years. I have to constantly warn people to be careful because although most of them have a “.org” domain, […]

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