CNBC Reporter Covers Steve Dibert

Diana Olick, a CNBC reporter, just mentioned MFI-Miami and MFI-Mod Squad founder Steve Dibert in her new article, Scam Artists at Work: Borrowers Beware. Read her article…

Foreclosure Defense

MFI-Miami Investigates Illegal Foreclosures By Deutsche Bank

MFI-Miami Investigates Illegal Foreclosures By Deutsche Bank MIAMI–MFI-Miami, LLC announced today that it’s narrowing its multistate investigation into illegal foreclosures and is focusing exclusively on Deutsche Bank. “Deutsche Bank is named as the trustee on nearly 50 percent of the fraud investigations we have done in the past six months,” says Stephen Dibert, President of […]

CNBC Features MFI-Miami Owner

Steve Dibert, owner of MFI-Miami, appeared on CNBC on Tuesday, January 27, 2009. Click here to view the TV segment featuring Steve.

25 People Responsible For The Economic Meltdown

The UK Guardian has an interesting article about the 25 people responsible for the economic meltdown. I am happy to see someone else agreed with me on a couple of them. British PM Gordon Brown made the list which surprised me but then again he was Chancellor of Exchequer while Tony Blair was Prime Minister. […]

Foreclosure Fraud

MFI-Miami’s Multi-state Foreclosure Fraud Investigation Is Getting Attention

Multi-state Foreclosure Fraud Investigation By MFI-Miami Is Getting Media Attention MFI-Miami has been getting a lot of attention the past few days about the post-foreclosure fraud investigation I’m launching in 6 states. Channel 6 in Orlando is doing a feature on one of my clients.  I have also done interviews with major newspapers and banking industry publications. MFI-Miami also […]