25 People Responsible For The Economic Meltdown

The UK Guardian has an interesting article about the 25 people responsible for the economic meltdown. I am happy to see someone else agreed with me on a couple of them. British PM Gordon Brown made the list which surprised me but then again he was Chancellor of Exchequer while Tony Blair was Prime Minister. […]

Foreclosure Fraud

MFI-Miami’s Multi-state Foreclosure Fraud Investigation Is Getting Attention

Multi-state Foreclosure Fraud Investigation By MFI-Miami Is Getting Media Attention MFI-Miami has been getting a lot of attention the past few days about the post-foreclosure fraud investigation I’m launching in 6 states. Channel 6 in Orlando is doing a feature on one of my clients.  I have also done interviews with major newspapers and banking industry publications. MFI-Miami also […]


West Palm Beach, FL – MFI-Miami, LLC, Florida’s premier forensic mortgage fraud investigation and forensic mortgage auditing firm is launching a massive investigation against several securities firms and banks for performing illegal foreclosures in 6 states. MFI-Miami is asking for homeowners who have lost their home in foreclosure from 2005 through 2008, to contact their […]

NY Real Estate

MFI-Miami was mentioned in a major NY Real Estate Website

MFI-Miami was mentioned in a major NY Real Estate Website The Real Deal On Tuesday afternoon and yesterday morning, I began getting calls from Long Island and the 5 boroughs that make up New York City. People kept telling me that they saw MFI-Miami on an NY Real Estate website. This isn’t uncommon but usually, […]

Boston Herald

MFI-Miami was featured in the Boston Herald

MFI-Miami Was Featured In 2 Page Spread In The Boston Herald Jerry Kronenberg, Boston Herald Highlight: Mortgages Monday, November 24, 2008 Mary Everleigh nearly lost the house she’s owned since 1986 to a fast-talking financier – until Stephen Dibert combed through her mortgage papers and realized the woman had fallen for a scam. “Steve laid […]

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