Superman Comic Saves Family From Foreclosure

This sounds like an urban legend but even if it is, it makes a great story. After all, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” – Steve Michael Dougherty, Asylum In the nick of time, the Man of Steel saved a family’s home … for real. A couple facing foreclosure found the collateral they […]

Bank of America Pulls Offer To Undo Illegal Foreclosure Against Michigan Cancer Victim

That’s right! My client Lynne in Northern Michigan who is now enduring chemotherapy received a call from a gentleman at Bank of America’s Simi Valley office on Friday saying they were going to rescind the foreclosure and work with them on a modification.  Well, now Bank of America has changed their tune.  They’re saying they […]

Sam Antar

Sam Antar Talks About Life as a White-Collar Criminal

Former Fraudster Sam Antar Talks About Life as a White-Collar Criminal   For those of you who don’t know, Sam Antar of Crazy Eddie fame is a big fan of this site.  He wrote the below article on his blog the other day and it made me think of everything that went on in the […]

Is Bank of America Hiding an Insolvency Problem From The Public?

Their Multi-Billion Garage Sale Makes It Look Like They Are Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami The cool thing about owning a company like MFI-Miami is that I get to chat on and off the record with a lot of media types with the inside scoop on what is going on in the financial world.  These conversations tend […]

Well, Would You Look At That… Homeowners Scared the Heck Out of Fannie Mae

Martin Andelman, ML-Implode A few weeks ago, Fannie Mae issued an outright threat to homeowners in this country, creating a new rule that would punish anyone who stops paying their mortgage and walks away from their home, referred to as a “strategic default,” by not allowing those who choose that path to get a Fannie […]

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