Racist Florida Home Appraiser

Racist Florida Home Appraiser Undervalues Home Of Mixed Raced Family

Racist Florida Home Appraiser Busted Undervaluing Mixed Race Family’s Home By $135,000  Abena and Alex Horton are accusing a racist Florida home appraiser of purposely undervaluing their home in Jacksonville, Florida. The appraiser appraised the home in June for $330,000. The home appraised for significantly lower than other homes in the area. the homes in […]

Caliber Home Loans Fights To Survive FDCPA Class Action Suit

Caliber Home Loans Fights To Survive Class Action Suit Alleging Violations Of The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  Caliber Home Loans fights for its life after it was named as the defendant in a 52-page lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges Caliber Home Loans violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  The plaintiff states his previous servicer […]

sls shaking down homeowners

SLS Shaking Down Homeowners Over Zombie Debt They Don’t Owe

SLS Shaking Down Homeowners Over Bank Of America Zombie Mortgages. Problem Is, SLS Can’t Prove They Own The Debt. Is SLS shaking down homeowners again? It appears they are. This time like a mafia crime boss. Unfortunately, this time it appears Specialized Loan Servicing bought a U-Haul truck full of worthless paper from Bank of […]

Mark Stopa Going To Prison

Is Mark Stopa Going To Prison? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

The FDLE And FBI Are Wrapping Up Their Investigation Into Mark Stopa’s Alleged Equity Skimming Scheme. Is Mark Stopa Going To Prison? Rumors are running rampant in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area about Mark Stopa going to prison. MFI-Miami has learned from multiple sources that the criminal investigation into Mark Stopa’s alleged equity scam is wrapping […]

sls covid-19 foreclosure defense

SLS COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline! Call 888.737.6344

MFI-Miami Launches The SLS COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline! Call Us At 888.737.6344 MFI-Miami has created the SLS COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Hotline. If you’re facing foreclosure from SLS during these perilous times during the coronavirus pandemic, we can help. Call 888.737.6344. The coronavirus pandemic has put America is in a crisis. MFI-Miami is doing our part to […]

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